California counties sue over Trump’s green card rule, claim deterrent to seeking public assistance

Two California counties are suing over the Trump administration's new green card restrictions, claiming that they violate federal immigration law and exact a financial toll by deterring migrants' requests for public assistance. "This latest effort by the Trump Administration to target immigrants, including those who are lawfully seeking visas and green cards, is abhorrent, and we will do everything in… Keep Reading

New law to help prevent suicides among California youth

The measure is part of state law SB 972, which requires all California's schools, including private and charter schools, to place on IDs for students in grades 7-12 the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, reports Efe news. The law, which entered into force during the new school year, also authorizes educational institutions to… Keep Reading

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Valley Democrats Declare War on Invasive Swamp Rats

Rep. Josh Harder of Turlock put on waders and traipsed through the water in search of swamp rats recently. The goal: Publicizing a bill that he and three other California Democrats have introduced targeting nutria, an invasive species from South America creating havoc with irrigation canals and levees. Continue Reading on GV Wire Keep Reading

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