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Local photographer has a second photo considered for California Wildlife Photo of the Year

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We all know local photographer Randy Robbins takes pretty darn good photos. But now his photo of a mountain lion has been selected as a March/April finalist in the state competition. His photo of a Lassen Pack wolf was selected as a finalist in the January/February competition.

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Incredible Video Shows Salamanders Hold ‘Skydiving’ Pose in Free Fall

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Aneides vagrans, also called the wandering salamander, is an elusive critter. Its natural habitat is the canopy of California's redwood trees, the world's tallest trees, making it tough to observe.

One thing we do know about this salamander is that when disturbed it will willingly jump from tree branches, assuming a posture similar to that taken by skydivers, as can be seen below.

"It was confusing to see these salamanders jump so readily given the height of the trees they inhabit," said Christian Brown, a PhD Candidate of the University of South Florida and an author of the study.

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“Bear in Mind” exhibition on California Grizzly opening June 4 at Mendocino County Museum

in Animals

MENDOCINO Co., 5/16/22 — The iconic California Grizzly is the subject of a new traveling exhibition opening at the Mendocino County Museum in Willits next month, developed with input from The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, and Heyday Books.

The exhibit will be opening June 4 and be on display until July 31, 2022 at 400 E. Commercial St. in Willits. More information about the show and other programs at the museum can be found on their website or by calling 707-459-2736.

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California condors soar over northern coast redwoods for first time in more than a century

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REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK, Calif. — The endangered California condor returned to soar the skies over the state’s far northern coast redwood forests on Tuesday for the first time in more than a century.

Two captive-bred birds were released from a pen in Redwood National Park, about an hour’s drive south of the Oregon border, under a project aimed at restoring the giant vultures to their historic habitat in the Pacific Northwest.

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Inspiring Valley dog ‘Marvel’ who had legs amputated gets mobility cart, still needs forever home

in Animals

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A dog from the North Valley continues to overcome obstacles. Marvel, a pup found abandoned with broken back legs, has received her mobility cart and is off to the races!

A Livingston police animal control officer found Marvel on a property in February. It appeared a car had hit her weeks or months earlier.

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Cal Poly Students Use Drones To Study Elephant Seals

in Animals/Education/Students

Cal Poly researchers have a new tool to keep track of the local elephant seal population. The team consisting of graduate students, undergraduate volunteers and professors use drones to conduct their research during the seals’ current mating season.

The project began in 2017 but this is the first year they were able to incorporate drone images. The research team will begin to analyze drone images in March, once the breeding season has ended.

Kate Riordan is a graduate student in the Biological Sciences department and is a part of this research team. Like the rest of the team, Riordan helps to fly the drones and makes sure they don’t crash. She also helps weigh the baby seals and tags them in order to track where the seals will end up.

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‘We have double filled kennels with dogs’ | Stanislaus Animal Services asking people to adopt to clear shelter

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STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. — The Stanislaus Animal Services Agency says they have reached a crisis level of overcrowding. 

The agency is putting out an urgent plea for help, asking people to either adopt or foster one of the more than 150 dogs currently in the shelter in order to free up some space and save lives.

When the pandemic first hit and most people were stuck working from home, the shelter for Stanislaus County could barely keep up with the demand of folks wanting to add a new four-legged friend to their families. 

“We used to have people line up at 2 a.m. right here in front of our shelter to adopt," Annette Bedsworth, Executive Director for Stanislaus Animal Services, said. 

But Bedsworth says things have since taken a serious turn. 

“We have double filled kennels with dogs, that’s inappropriate, that’s not how we should be housing dogs," Bedsworth said. “People are frustrated, they’re angry at whatever is going on in their lives and they’re just dropping off our dogs in our parking lots and leaving before we can even get to them."

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Dog that went missing eight years ago near Fresno found in rural Stanislaus County

in Animals/News

When Carolina Trujillo’s miniature poodle disappeared from her home in Kerman, west of Fresno, in 2103, she papered the neighborhood with lost pet fliers, went door to door talking to neighbors and listed him as missing in a database for pet microchips.

Months passed without word of the 1-year-old puppy named Mr. J, and Trujillo eventually gave up hope of ever finding him.

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Saving lives, one video at a time

in Animals

Peter Carlos, RVT, has been a veterinary technician for the past decade and works at the Taylor ER Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Turlock, California. Nearly 4 years ago, his path intertwined with the bright and bubbly Jaycee Leonardo, who joined the team as an assistant at just 16 years old.

Not so long ago, the duo combined forces in an unexpected way and have since become social media sensations within veterinary medicine.

“We became such great friends working together and are constantly joking around. We think the same things are funny and have the same sense of humor. We sing, dance, and make work fun,” says Leonardo.

Carlos agrees. “We do have an age gap, but our friendship really grew from liking and laughing at the same things. We just make work fun, so the stress of daily veterinary medicine doesn’t burn us out.”

At the height of the pandemic last year, the pair started an account on TikTok, a newly popular (at that time) video-sharing app. It was a slow day at the clinic when Carlos decided he wanted them to perform the viral “foot shake dance challenge” that had been spreading like wildfire among the medical community. After posting that video, they decided TikTok was something they wanted to pursue and continued to post.

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Turlock Christian preschoolers and high school students came together for a fun-filled event on Thursday as members of the Eagles’ Future Farmers of America chapter brought their animals over for a petting zoo. 

Between the two TC preschool campuses, over 150 students were able to touch and learn about chickens, rabbits, goats and even a dairy calf. The petting zoo was just one of many ways the TC FFA chapter has stayed busy this past school year, in addition to their annual banquet, fundraisers and even a dress up week for National FFA Week earlier this year.

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