Well-being in California is improving. But not these people, communities.

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Most Californians are living longer, earning degrees at higher rates and making higher wages than the average American. Yet when taking into account demographics and geography, a new study shows inequities persist.

It can be seen across California, where more than 12 years separate the life expectancies in the shortest- and longest-lived communities, according to the report “A Portrait of California.”

Moreover, the well-being of Black, indigenous and people of color falls significantly below the state average, with Blacks, Native Americans and whites experiencing a decline over the past decade, says the report from the nonprofit, nonpartisan Measure of America.

The report looks at how Californians are doing in three key dimensions of well-being: longevity, access to knowledge, and earnings. Well-being is measured using the American Human Development Index (HDI) by combining data on these topics into a composite score on a 10-point scale.

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