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Regional Fires Trigger Campus Air Quality Alerts

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Recent wildfires in the Oregon and Northern California regions have caused smoke to drift south, prompting Campus Safety and Risk Management to issue a warning about the current local air quality. 

“The University is currently monitoring the air quality due to smoke from regional wildfires in our area. The campus receives and monitors air quality information from a variety of different sources throughout the day,” the beginning of the warning stated. 

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Where can you trash batteries, electronics and other hazardous waste in Stanislaus County?

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If you have leftover paint, chemicals or other materials taking up space in your home, Stanislaus County has a number of ways you can dispose of them for free. The county offers both permanent facilities and temporary events for residents to drop off hazardous, electronic, pharmaceutical and other household waste.

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Solar panels on water canals seem like a no-brainer. So why aren’t they widespread?

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Back in 2015, California's dry earth was crunching under a fourth year of drought. Then-Governor Jerry Brown ordered an unprecedented 25% reduction in home water use. Farmers, who use the most water, volunteered too to avoid deeper, mandatory cuts.

Brown also set a goal for the state to get half its energy from renewable sources, with climate change bearing down.

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Audit finds California water agency not adequately considering climate change in forecasts

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The state auditor has issued a report strongly criticizing the California Department of Water Resources, saying the agency has overestimated the state’s water supply during drought and continues relying on forecasts that don’t adequately factor in the effects of climate change.

The report by State Auditor Grant Parks said the Department of Water Resources has “made only limited progress” in improving its water-supply forecasts to account for climate change, despite acknowledging more than a decade ago that it needed to improve its forecasting methods.

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This vacant Turlock field soon will help turn food waste into renewable energy for homes

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An empty alfalfa field in west Turlock soon will be transformed into a high-tech facility that turns food waste into renewable fuel.

State and local dignitaries gathered on West Main Street for the groundbreaking of the newest Divert food waste recovery plant. The company turns unsold food from supermarkets, retailers, restaurants and manufacturers into natural gas that can be used to power homes and businesses.

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Food waste can bring pests to your Modesto home. Keep your bin clean with these tips

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Now that Modesto residents are versed in recycling their food waste, it’s time to talk dirty.

Food waste can attract pests and create odors close to your home, and maintaining a clean bin can help reduce them.

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High river flows and flooding will remain a threat for months in Stanislaus County

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The San Joaquin River near Patterson can’t carry much more water without flooding outside its banks.

Nearby residents, watching the river level and the online forecasts Wednesday, were aware the San Joaquin near the Las Palmas Avenue bridge would rise half a foot Thursday because of runoff coming out of Yosemite and the southern Sierra.

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20×20 sinkhole forms in Turlock

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 Crews are trying to repair a roadway in Turlock after a sinkhole formed.

Turlock Police Department said the sinkhole was at North Olive Avenue and Monte Vista Avenue and was about 20x20 feet in size.

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Solar Panels Over California’s Canals Could Save Water While Making Clean Energy

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Solar AquaGrid, the University of California Merced, Turlock Irrigation District, and the California Department of Water Resources are winners of the 2023 Gizmodo Science Fair for innovating a way to combine clean energy with water conservation.

The Question

Would covering California’s miles of canals with solar panels help save significant amounts of water from evaporation—and generate clean energy in the process?

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The world of renewables this week

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US EV maker Mullen Automotive issued Q1 figures completing its purchase of Electric Last Mile Solutions for $105 million in cash, announced in November, on the back of buying Bollinger Motors in September. Mullen still has $100 million in cash and $90 million in investment monies on its way before April. It’s secretive deal to import the $12,000 I-GO from China to Europe is still on the cards.

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