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Turlock Instacart shopper weighs strike over working conditions, pay

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A Turlock woman who works for Instacart said she may join a strike against the grocery delivery app for safer working conditions, which she said is essential as she and her co-workers shop in crowded stores during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel badly for the customers that it will affect,” said 38-year-old Andrea, who asked that her last name not be used and said on a busy day she shops for and deliver groceries to about 10 households. “But I think they (Instacart) should do a lot more to protect us.”

Andrea said anything that makes Instacart workers safer also makes Instacart customers safer.

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50 Cities Where Nurses Earn The Most Money

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Places Where Nurses Earn the Most Money

Salaries tend to mirror the overall cost of living of a certain geographical area. If a city’s cost of living is notably higher than the U.S. average, then incomes tend to be higher there as well. With registered nurses’ salaries, this is especially true. Geography has a major influence over wages due to this connection with cost of living. Another major factor dependent on geography is supply — the number of nurses in the city. In many cities, a shortage of nurses is noticeable, especially in places like Alaska, and this has the effect of driving up salaries of nurses.

How Much Do Nurses Make a Year in the Top-Paying Cities

The first 14 top-paying cities for registered nurses are all in California. Here’s a list of them below with their respective average annual nurse’s salary:

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1. Salinas: $131,710

2. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward: $128,990

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