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Majority of Council voices clear frontrunner for roads plan

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Consultants vying for a shot at fixing Turlock’s deteriorating roads presented their plans during a special City Council meeting last Wednesday, though one presentation stood out from the rest to some Council members.

The special meeting was held to hear action plans from four consulting firms, who each responded to the City’s RFP and RFI requests for the roads program initiative. First introduced by Mayor Amy Bublak during her State of the City address in May, the initiative aims to rehabilitate Turlock's 428 lane miles of roads, which currently have a pavement condition index of 55 out of 100, over the course of the next five years by allocating 50% of Measure A funding for the cause.

An estimated total of $5.5 million will go towards road projects annually in addition to other funding sources, increasing the City’s existing road funding by 100%. While the City’s first step in the initiative was to hire a new Roads Program Manager, the newly-hired employee was not present for the special meeting as the position does not begin until Sept. 16. 

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Speed bumps are a last resort as speeding fix

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Quick, what’s the first remedy suggested by people who are fed up with lead-footed drivers?

If your answer is speed bumps you’d be right.

Cities have good reasons for not wanting to install them when people ask for them. Speed bumps are not preferred because they cause all vehicles to be forced to slow down for them – including fire engines and police cars – and at times a driver will speed up to make up for lost time.

“We especially don’t like to do that on collector streets or anything above, an arterial or expressways – that just kind of defeats the purpose,” said City Manager Tom Westbrook.

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