Modesto hit by apparent Snatch ransomware attack

After recovering from a cyber attack in February that impacted the city's police department and compromised residents' personal information, Modesto appears to be the target of another ransomware attack. On Monday, Modesto was added to the "victims list" of a ransomware group known as Snatch, according to ThreatMon Ransomware Monitoring , a cyber threat intelligence platform. Continue… Keep Reading

What if the homeless won’t accept help? | Opinion

Homeless or helpless? Re “It’s high time to end Modesto’s intractable homelessness problem” (Page 1C, March 12): I thank Mr. Jamieson for his opinion. I found it to be truthful, honest and needed to be said. Being from Turlock, I wish the City Council and police, who have been doing more lately, would read it and consider… Keep Reading

Not Guilty! Jury Acquits Activists Who Rescued Sick Foster Farms Chickens from Truck

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul and co-defendant Alicia Santurio were found not guilty of misdemeanor theft after rescuing two suffering chickens from a transport truck outside a Foster Farms slaughterhouse in Livingston, California. The incident, documented by animal protection organization Direct Action Everywhere, occurred in September 2021.  Continue reading on Keep Reading

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