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3 Great Pizza Places in California

If you live in California or you travel to California often and you are looking for new places where you can enjoy a tasty pizza, then you have come to the right place because that's what this article is all about - three amazing pizza spots in California that you should definitely visit if you… Keep Reading

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Turlock Fruit Co. Melon Stand a secret worth sharing

Situated in the corner of a parking lot on S. Tully Road, just about 100 yards from the incessant whir of freeway traffic, the Turlock Fruit Co. Melon Stand may well be the best-kept secret in all of Turlock. Some longtime Turlockers have never even heard of the tiny retail outlet for the 104-year-old fruit… Keep Reading

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Hilmar Cheese inviting community to make their own ice cream

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're looking for a fun activity with the kids before they head back to school, Hilmar Cheese has a "cool" idea. The local cheese maker is inviting visitors to make their own ice cream. The activity will start at 11 am Monday through Friday at the company visitor center on… Keep Reading

JavaView: National Coffee Month

August is National Coffee Month and if you are like me, you start your day off with a cup of coffee, I am and have been a serious coffee drinker my entire life, I buy whole beans and grind fresh daily(no Folger’s Crystals for me). Back in the nineties when friends would be out at… Keep Reading

5 affordable weekend getaways in California

There is no doubt that California has a lot to offer. Los Angeles and its surroundings might be famous, but there are many other places that you can discover and that are far more interesting. If you want to travel to California and discover this amazing part of the country but don't know where to… Keep Reading

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