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Stanislaus County plans transformation for long-neglected South Ninth Street in Modesto

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Efforts are under way to transform a stretch of South Ninth Street in south Modesto, and planners want to hear ideas from the public.

Stanislaus County is working on a land use and transportation plan for the long-neglected corridor, defined as a 1.25-mile stretch of South Ninth from the Tuolumne River bridge south to Hatch Road. The targeted area lies between Seventh Street and Bystrum Road.

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Stanislaus area has a shortage of childcare services. What’s the county doing to help?

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The mission of Stanislaus 2030 includes bolstering job opportunities, yet a significant obstacle lies in the shortage of childcare services within the county. To fulfill the demands of the workforce, the county needs to create an additional 36,000 childcare slots. The need is greater for more rural areas with higher Latino populations.

Nurture, a nonprofit organization committed to fostering in-home childcare entrepreneurship, partnered with Stanislaus 2030, the comprehensive plan to boost the county’s economic potential, to establish a pilot program. It tackles the deficit of childcare by helping individuals establish such businesses.

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Limited housing options leave Stanislaus County residents in substandard living conditions

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During the pandemic, Desiree Ransom and her then-4-year-old son woke up each morning with sore throats, stuffy noses and a persistent cough. The reason: black mold in their Modesto duplex.

After a year of unanswered complaints, her landlord finally addressed the mold issue. Her rent was then raised by $250, forcing her to move out.

“I was never late on rent, [and the landlord] never had any complaints about me or from me until I found the mold,” Ransom, 36, said.

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New development planned in 2024

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New year, new construction planned throughout the city of Turlock. From houses to hotels, recreational spots to restaurants, here is a list of some things to expect in 2024.


New homes and apartments are expected to come to Turlock, with several already having been built.

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Ceres bans homeless camps near ‘critical infrastructure.’ What is City Council’s next step?

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Starting in mid-January, Ceres will ban camping and the storing of personal property within 25 feet of what it deems critical infrastructure, joining other cities that have passed similar ordinances in response to the homelessness crisis.

The question the City Council still has to answer is what constitutes critical infrastructure.

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We have in-your-face homelessness due in part to horrible court decision

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The Boise decision was a horrible one.

I’m referring to the Martin v. Boise decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in response to a 2009 lawsuit by six homeless plaintiffs against the city of Boise, Idaho regarding the city’s anti-camping ordinance.

The ruling held that cities cannot enforce such ordinances if they do not have enough homeless shelter beds available for their homeless population. It did not necessarily mean a city cannot enforce any restrictions on camping on public property.

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City pulls back on food vendor changes

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City leaders have retreated on a proposed ordinance change affecting mobile food vendors as a new one is crafted. On Monday the council cancelled a proposed ordinance change as a committee looking into lifting restrictions is backing away from the idea of unlimited numbers of vendors.

Earlier this year the council signaled it wants to lift the current limit of 10 mobile food vendors with no cap.

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Congressman Josh Harder Delivers Over $1.6 Million for Stanislaus State in Turlock to Expand its Social Work Education Program

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Last Friday, Representative Josh Harder (CA-9), a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, announced he secured over $1.6 million to expand Stanislaus State’s social work education program. This funding will address critical shortages of mental health providers by increasing the number of students in Stanislaus State’s social work program. Specifically, the funding will increase the number of supervising social workers in area facilities as well as provide student stipends and paid internships. Stan State’s Master of Social Work program operates at both the Turlock and Stockton campuses.

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Turlock might cancel plan for 50 apartments made from shipping containers. Here’s why

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Turlock might rescind a controversial plan for 50 apartments made from shipping containers on the west side of town.

The City Council voted 3-2 in April for this approach to helping homeless people. It could reverse the action Tuesday evening due to the terms of the $9.95 million state grant sought for the project.

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Mixed reactions from food vendor policy changes

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The City Council voted on Monday evening to remove the limit of 10 mobile food vendors in Ceres but the action does not sit well with established restaurant owners and at least two councilmen who cast no votes.

For decades the city didn’t allow taco trucks and other types of mobile food vendors to do business in Ceres. In 2018 the council gave vendors a trial run and since then the numbers of persons wanting to sell food from trucks and trailers have exceeded the limit, said Christopher Hoem, director of Community Development for the city of Ceres. 

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