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Expired baby formula and a moldy ice machine: See latest Stanislaus County inspections

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A local Walmart had expired baby formula on its shelves and a Modesto bar had mold in its ice machine.

These were some of the violations observed during health inspections in Stanislaus County in late April.

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TPD visits local businesses to conduct alcohol license inspections

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Officers from the Turlock Police Department, in support of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), visited seven ABC licensed businesses on Monday, conducting IMPACT inspections designed to address violations before problems occur.

Officers noted at least one administrative violation at each establishment. A follow-up inspection will be conducted at a later date, giving business owners the opportunity to correct the violation(s). 

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How high is the wildfire risk in Stanislaus County? See the danger on this interactive map

in Community/News/Safety

As wildfire season approaches in California, what’s the risk for Stanislaus County ?

Using data collected in March 2023 and risk assessments, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has created a map that shows which counties across the United States are the most at risk for wildfires .

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Turlock Car Accident Today, How Many People Died as Victims?

in Accident/Community/Safety

On a Friday afternoon at around 4 p.m., Turlock’s peace was suddenly disrupted by a devastating car accident involving three vehicles at the intersection of West Christofferson Parkway and Kilroy Avenue, leaving behind an explosion of destruction that left residents shocked and reeling in its wake.

Who Were the Victims in the Crash?

Unfortunately, the crash claimed the life of 48-year-old Turlock resident. Additionally, multiple people involved were taken to local hospitals with injuries sustained in the collision and their current conditions remain of great concern to community members.

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Stanislaus has redone some streets to aid pedestrians and cyclists. Here is a sampling

in Community/Road/Safety

Streets are not just for motor vehicles, advocates for walkers and bicyclists have argued in Stanislaus County and beyond.

The county has several recent and current projects aimed at slowing cars and trucks near schools and other busy spots.

Pedestrians at some crosswalks now can press a button that triggers flashing warning lights for drivers. Some corners have “bulb-outs,” where the sidewalk extends into the parking lane to make people on foot more visible.

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【Commentary】Turlock Tragedy Sparks Conversation on Regional Traffic Safety

in Accident/Community/Safety

A devastating traffic accident in Turlock, California has claimed the life of a 48-year-old local man and left several others injured. Occurring at West Christoffersen Parkway and Kilroy Avenue on a recent Friday evening, the multi-vehicle collision has the community seeking answers and action. The Turlock Police Department, arriving at around 4 p.m., is actively investigating and has ruled out drugs and alcohol as contributing factors.

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Turlock police to host a DUI checkpoint days before Christmas

in News/Road/Safety

The Turlock Police Department will conduct a driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint a few days ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Turlock Police reported that the DUI checkpoint will happen from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Dec. 21 at an undisclosed location within the city.  

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Weekly Safety Report: Shootout, Attack, and Robbery Shake Turlock, California

in Community/News/Safety

This week in Turlock, California, several incidents occurred that raised concerns for public safety. These incidents include a reported shootout between two men, an attack on an elderly man outside a candy store, and an armed robbery during a meeting to sell a gaming console.

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Weekly Safety Report: Drive-by Shooting, Manslaughter, Human Trafficking, and Arson hit Turlock

in Community/News/Safety

This week in Turlock, California, several incidents occurred that raised concerns about safety in the community. These incidents included a drive-by shooting, a manslaughter case, a suspected human trafficking arrest, and an arson conviction involving the harming of animals.

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Weekly Safety Report: Drug Delivery and Knife Brandishing Incidents in Turlock, California

in Community/News/Safety

Two incidents occurred in Turlock, California this week. In the first incident, a man was arrested after attempting to deliver drugs to a hotel guest. Three firearms were also seized. In the second incident, a parolee brandished a knife at family members, fled from officers, and grabbed an officer's TASER.

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