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Moderate mag. 5.0 earthquake – 18km E of Little Lake, CA (USA) on Thursday, 22 August 2019 – 17 hours ago

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"I felt it" reports:
(132.4 km WSW from epicenter) [Map] / not felt: Did not feel it or hear it or see it. Was in my basement workshop and didn't have any idea that there was an earthquake until I got off later and checked my notifications. Lol Coworkers on the ground floor also did not feel it. (via app)
North Wales / not felt: People in CA need to stay alert and be ready..definitly a slow slip happening but worse to come.. you can thank the greedy elites for the millions of holes from the drilling stations .. they drilled on both sides of the San Andreas fault line too..
Lake Isabella, CA / MMI III (Weak shaking)
Wofford Heights / MMI IV (Light shaking): I was blasting my music while sitting when this quake hit. It was a shock and scared the shite out of me at first. It hit with a strong jolt followed by some strong back and forth shifting. Everything in the house had a slight rattle.
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California Today: How Polluted Is Your Beach? Here Are the 10 Worst

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It’s supposed to be hot this weekend across Southern California, which means you may be considering a trip to your favorite beach.

But before you plunge into the water, you might consult the environmental advocacy group Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card, which evaluates water quality and pollution levels at 500 of the state’s beaches.

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