Stanislaus County declares state of emergency following George Floyd protests

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STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. — Officials in Stanislaus County declared a state of emergency in response to the George Floyd protests throughout the area.

The move will give the county access to federal and state funding for law enforcement efforts.

“While we expect to see additional peaceful demonstrations as we have seen throughout this week, we do not expect demonstration to turn to violence unless instigated by outside influencers,” said Sheriff Jeff Dirkse. “This proclamation is primarily an administrative tool for the county to access state resources as well as activate the State Emergency Services Act, which helps to facilitate coordinated response throughout the County if needed.”

The declaration comes as a George Floyd protest in Oakdale turned "unpeaceful," according to local police. Earlier in the day, the Oakdale Police Department's chief had met and spoke with some of the protesters.
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