San Diego County Shuts Down Bars, Breweries Again

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San Diego County ordered all bars, wineries and breweries that do not serve food to close by the end of the month, officials announced Monday.

“We will be closing all bars, wineries and breweries in San Diego County that do not have a license to serve food,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said.

The order goes into effect at midnight on July 1, Fletcher said. All additional reopenings will be paused until at least August 1, when county officials will reevaluate guidance for San Diego.

“It’s a simple reality that alcohol consumption impairs judgment and may lead to less compliance with physical distancing guidelines. People often spend more time in a bar than other establishments, like a restaurant for eating. Loud bars and loud settings require loud conversations and yelling which spreads droplets more efficiently and more effectively than you would see in other settings. And then people who do not know each other often congregate in bars, making it difficult to engage in throughout contact tracing about who may have been exposed,” Fletcher said.

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