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Sonoma County bars, indoor dining and museums ordered to close Monday

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State public health officials on Sunday ordered Sonoma County bars without food service to close and put a halt to indoor dining service as well as visits to museums and entertainment centers, marking the latest and most significant regression for the county into pandemic prohibitions with the coronavirus resurgent in the community and deepening its toll on livelihoods.

The highly anticipated health order from the state Department of Public Health goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. Monday and adds Sonoma County to a list of at least 29 other California counties facing reinstated restrictions driven by a wave of summertime coronavirus infections and hospitalizations.

The number of known cases in the county reached 1,819 Sunday night, a tally that has increased sharply since Memorial Day and contributed to the state’s decision to add Sonoma County to the growing list of counties being ordered to dial back indoor business activity.

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‘We’re getting destroyed’: San Diego restaurants and bars react to a looming shutdown

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As Mike Georgopoulos was prepping this week to finally open his swanky $10-million steakhouse in the Gaslamp Quarter, he stared down from his perch on the mezzanine with a mixture of delight — and dread. The floor-to-ceiling wine display and marble bar top were dazzling, and the wait staff, nattily attired in black pants, pressed white shirts, gray vests and green ties, meticulously polished the glassware for the Friday opening.

But why bother opening at all, he wondered.

Just hours earlier, county officials had warned of the looming threat this week of a ban on all indoor dining and drinking, which 19 California counties, including Los Angeles and Orange, have already been ordered to implement for the next three weeks. With an alarming surge in coronavirus cases, San Diego could be next, the county said.

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Indoor dining, bars, other businesses ordered to close as COVID-19 cases climb

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As California continues to see COVID-19 cases rising, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Public Health ordered a host of businesses to halt operations across multiple counties, including Stanislaus.

The new orders apply to counties that have been on the county monitoring list for three consecutive days or more. It applies to indoor operations for certain sectors which promote the mixing of populations beyond households and makes social distancing and/or wearing face coverings difficult.

The order applies for a minimum of three weeks and is subject to an extension based on the data.

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San Diego County Shuts Down Bars, Breweries Again

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San Diego County ordered all bars, wineries and breweries that do not serve food to close by the end of the month, officials announced Monday.

“We will be closing all bars, wineries and breweries in San Diego County that do not have a license to serve food,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said.

The order goes into effect at midnight on July 1, Fletcher said. All additional reopenings will be paused until at least August 1, when county officials will reevaluate guidance for San Diego.

“It’s a simple reality that alcohol consumption impairs judgment and may lead to less compliance with physical distancing guidelines. People often spend more time in a bar than other establishments, like a restaurant for eating. Loud bars and loud settings require loud conversations and yelling which spreads droplets more efficiently and more effectively than you would see in other settings. And then people who do not know each other often congregate in bars, making it difficult to engage in throughout contact tracing about who may have been exposed,” Fletcher said.

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Stanislaus County not closing bars to curb spread of coronavirus. Will the state do it?

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Stanislaus County leaders didn’t take any steps Monday to follow through with a state recommendation Sunday to close bars as a way to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Top state officials didn’t do anything Monday to make the order mandatory in this county. And no one was sure what effect bar closures would have on tamping down the rate of new infections here.

County officials discussed the possible action and other topics at a meeting Monday but decided to wait.

“We are seeking clarification from the state on what discretion, if any, we have as a local community to make this decision,” Jody Hayes, chief executive officer, said in an email to The Modesto Bee.

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Governor orders bars in 7 California counties to close

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday ordered bars that have opened in seven California counties, including Los Angeles, to immediately close and urged bars in eight other counties to do the same, saying the coronavirus was rapidly spreading in those parts of the state and that bar settings create a higher risk of transmission.

Los Angeles is the most populous county affected by the mandatory bar closure order. The other counties are: Fresno, San Joaquin, Kings, Kern, Imperial and Tulare.

State officials asked eight other counties — Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Stanislaus — to issue local health orders closing bars.

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