Turlock credit union helps families afford dream home

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When it comes to helping the community, Rolling F Credit Union in Turlock is no rookie. This holiday season, however, the business made the new year even more exciting for two low-income families thanks to a partnership with the Stanislaus Housing Authority which enabled them to purchase their first homes. 

Earlier this year, the SHA received grant funding from the City of Modesto to develop 31 new houses in Modesto — with the stipulation that the first two houses would be sold to families who earned 20% less than the average household income. Then, the other 29 homes would be able to be built and sold to families with average income. The first two homes needed to be sold and the families moved in by Dec. 31, 2020, or the SHA would have to return the grant money. 

The two homes were completed months ago, but finding buyers who were able to qualify for a mortgage with low-income levels proved to be more difficult than anticipated. That’s when Rolling F Credit Union CEO Randy Icelow stepped in. The SHA connected with the City Ministry Network’s Community Development Corporation in early December, which suggested Icelow and his credit union in Turlock. When Icelow was presented with an opportunity to help, he jumped at the chance.

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