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Sale tax revenues have dropped but not like in neighboring cities

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

While the sales tax revenue giants of Stanislaus County – Modesto and Turlock – are expecting significant reductions in sales tax revenue stemming from COVID stay-at-home orders since March 2020, Ceres city officials only expect mild decreases. That’s because Ceres has a smaller reliance on sales to meet budget demands than do the two larger neighbors.

“I’m hoping that it’s a minimal impact,” said Ceres City Manager Tom Westbrook. “When you look at Ceres as a whole, we don’t have a lot of those large sales tax generators, like the city of Modesto has the mall, which was significantly impacted; and the city of Turlock has Monte Vista Crossings. We’re kind of, hey, we’ve got some services, we’ve got some goods, we’re just kind of rolling along and so we didn’t feel the pinch that maybe those larger cities did.”

The city of Ceres showed minimal decreases in sales tax revenue for March, April, May and June of COVID. Westbrook said, in fact, that sales tax and Measure H public safety sales tax revenues came in slightly above what was projected because of the conservative approach.

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Grant funds from cannabis tax available to fight impaired driving

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The California Highway Patrol has nearly $27 million in grant funds available to help local communities combat impaired driving.

The funding is the result of Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which provided specified cannabis tax funding to the CHP to administer local grants for education, prevention, and enforcement programs regarding impaired driving.  Funding for the grants comes from a tax on the cultivation and sale of cannabis and cannabis products sold in California since January 2018.

For the current grant cycle, the CHP’s Cannabis Tax Fund Grant Program will be awarding grants based on a competitive process to California law enforcement agencies and local toxicology laboratories meeting the eligibility requirements described in the 2021 Request for Application, available on the CHP website.  

The CHP will hold a virtual workshop on Jan. 6, 2021, to answer questions from potential grant applicants regarding the application process, the 2021 Request for Application, administrative program regulations, and other general questions.

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IRS slow to tell taxpayers how to get stimulus checks: People ‘need these payments ASAP’

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The Internal Revenue Service has not released information on how people should prepare to get the checks Congress promised when it passed a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package last week.

The IRS says it will deposit your stimulus check to your bank account or mail it to your address based on your 2019 or 2018 filed tax return. But if you need to change or update your information – ensuring you’ll receive it sooner and in the right place – they have no answers on how to fix that yet.

The checks should be $1,200 for most adults and $500 for most dependents. At the section of the IRS website meant for coronavirus updates, which the IRS has directed people to visit, it specifically says there is no new information on the checks.

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California shouldn’t waste time appealing Trump tax return ruling

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There was never a good reason for California to try punishing President Trump by requiring candidates to disclose their income tax returns in order to appear on the primary election ballot. But life in our virtual one-party state meant that a state law was passed anyway to do exactly that. Fortunately, a judge struck it down.

Alex Padilla, California’s secretary of state, is bent on saving the law. So is Gov. Gavin Newsom, who informed a federal court of his intention to file an appeal. Both men should cut it out and focus on the state’s more important business.

Senate Bill 27, introduced by Sens. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg and Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, was similar to a bill vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2017.

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