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California does not track groundwater banking—but projects tapping flood flows show promise

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The state does not have a mechanism for tracking the amount of floodwater that water managers and landowners are diverting to groundwater recharge projects. But the looming threat of groundwater regulations has propelled a new race to grab more water in the wet years to prepare for the dry years.

Innovative new collaborations are showing both promise and the regulatory hurdles ahead in scaling up efforts to tap into this natural water supply storage.

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State water officials track groundwater by air

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TURLOCK, Calif. (KTXL) — As the California drought continues, water officials are using flight technology to monitor groundwater information in basins across the state, including those in the Central Valley.

The California Department of Water Resources is conducting helicopter flyovers to track the state’s groundwater from the air.

Low-flying helicopters use equipment to send signals to the ground that bounce back up, kind of like taking an MRI of the Earth’s surface. 

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