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Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Local Turlock Podcast for the week of September 17th. I am here to give you some of Turlock’s latest scoops, news & stories, with 2 business highlights for the week. Sit back and relax as we open with our first story! After two year hiatus, the Pitman High marching band is returns to action. Having problems with your solar panels? Solar panel cleaning business is now open to serve you! Are you a mental health care worker or clinician and looking for job? Stanislaus County is looking for you! Next news, a gun found in Pitman student’s backpack last Tuesday. Finally, High schools hold the first Back to School Nights since pandemic Give your love and support to our local businesses especially during this pandemic as I highlight 2 businesses this week. Also sharing the latest updates about COVID 19 in Stanislaus County. All that and more today for this week's Local Turlock podcast.

The Marching Pride returns to action

After a two-year hiatus, the Pitman High marching band is returning to action at the 4th Annual Preview of Champions. The free parade will feature numerous Northern and Central California high school marching bands competing for top prizes. 

The marching bands are separated into divisions based on the number of students in the group and the groups compete against similarly sized in a military style marching competition where they are judged on the following: music, showmanship, marching, auxiliaries, drum major, percussions and sweepstakes. 

The Pitman Marching Pride has an impressive history of placing in the top three schools in their division in many of the events they have participated in, according to Allen. As the host school for the Pitman Preview of Champions, they will not be allowed to compete for a trophy.

While they will be the first band to march in the Sept. 25 event, their performance will be strictly for exhibition. However, they will get a chance to compete at the other three band reviews they are attending when they travel to other competitions in October and November.

The free parade starts at 9 a.m. Sept. 25 at N. Tegner and Atherstone roads, down the street from the high school. Drumline competition runs simultaneously near the intersection of Sandstone Avenue and Persimmon Road.

Solar panel cleaning business services Turlock and beyond

Name of business: Super Cleaning Solar Panels Cleaning Service

Type of business: Mobile solar panel cleaner

Location: Turlock and its 40-mile radius

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday, by appointment

Contact information: www.supercleaningsolarpanelscleaningservice.com

From creating his own board games to inventing handy tools, Turlock resident Juan Pineda Sanchez has always been a self-made entrepreneur. Now, he’s taken that passion for success and started his own solar panel cleaning business servicing his own community and beyond.

Using his own expertise as a solar panel technician, Pineda Sanchez said he was inspired to start Super Cleaning Solar Panels Cleaning Service about six months ago after realizing many weren’t aware of the importance behind clean solar panels. Since then, he’s used his own expertise in the solar field as well as connections he’s made throughout his career in order to provide top-notch service for those looking to get the most out of their eco-friendly energy method.

He explained that when the glass top of a solar panel becomes dirty, it prevents sunlight from properly filtering through the energy-creating cells beneath. Some clients have gone years without cleaning their panels, he added, and never understood why their energy bills were higher than anticipated.

His prior experience in the solar panel industry also led him to develop a tool he believes cleans glass more efficiently than those used by other businesses. Rather than a brush, Pineda Sanchez utilizes a fabric tool and filtered water to polish panels, avoiding scratches and resulting in a shimmering, energy-efficient finish.

Pineda Sanchez services homes within a 40-mile radius of Turlock, he said, and prospective clients can book a cleaning at www.supercleaningsolarpanelscleaningservice.com

Plan laid to hire mental health care workers for Stanislaus schools, with focus on Latinos

Spanish speakers soon will be placed in Stanislaus County schools as mental health care outreach workers and clinicians to fill what local officials and numerous reports call an urgent service gap.

With anticipated federal budget approval at the end of September, Community Project Funding will allow First Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center, a Turlock-based nonprofit providing mental health services in Stanislaus and Merced counties, to hire 13 additional promotoras and five clinicians to be stationed in Stanislaus schools full time.

Promotoras are outreach workers with roots within the Latino immigrant community who serve as liaisons to social services organizations. Some promotoras are paid workers, while others are volunteers who provide basic health care information. The new hires will specialize in caring for underserved Latino youth through the Mental Health Access Project, allowing the organization to double its capacity and serve an additional 900 individuals.

Although the shortage in health care workers predates the pandemic, the effort comes as researchers share concern over rising mental health problems among youth during the pandemic.

Gun found in Pitman student’s backpack

A student was placed under arrest Tuesday afternoon at Pitman High School after a handgun was found in the student's backpack.

The student was initially called to the Pitman High School Dean's office around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday after information surfaced that the student might be in possession of a controlled substance, according to the Turlock Unified School District.

A routine search was conducted, during which the handgun was found in the backpack.

The Turlock Police Department's school resource officer immediately handcuffed the student and placed the student under arrest.

Pitman High School was not placed on lockdown.

As a standard practice, they will continue to work with law enforcement to continue to improve and enhance their security measures to protect the safety of all stakeholders on the Pitman campus."

There was no information released about the identity of the student.

High schools hold the first Back to School Nights since pandemic

A year ago at this time, Ceres High and Central Valley had to hold its Back to School Nights virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students and families attended meet-and-greet events outdoors on campus for the 2021-22 school year on Aug. 25.

The Kick’n Taco catered Ceres High’s Back to School Night, which was staged from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Students received family food tickets after meeting with all of their teachers.

Central Valley dance and cheer teams and student musicians performed during Back to School Night, which lasted two hours (6-8 p.m.). 

Dinner was also served.

Everyone was spread out so they didn’t have clusters of people together and many people had masks on.

Coronavirus update, Sept. 16: Stanislaus reports 13 deaths in a day after brief lull

Stanislaus County added 13 deaths to COVID-19 on Wednesday, grim news after the lull of recent days. A total of 1,210 residents have died since April 2020, the county Health Services Agency said.

The count was just three between Saturday and Tuesday, a break from a surge that had brought 52 deaths earlier in the month. The reporting date can be several days after the death.

Stanislaus had 143 new positive tests Wednesday, for a total of 71,278. The county also has 825,256 negative test results and 67,708 people who are presumed recovered.

Business Spotlight:

Carlin's Tailoring & Alterations

Location: 2101 Geer Rd Suite 115 Turlock, 

Tel. No: (209) 262-8343

Operating Hours: Wednesday (9am-6:30pm)

Carlin's Tailoring is a small business with mighty heart. Carlin is an unbelievably skilled tailor who does all work herself. Her personal touch and passion for making sure you get exactly what you're looking for makes every experience with her unforgettable.

House of Random

Location: 80 S 1st St Turlock

Tel No. (209) 250-0605

Operating Hours: Monday (Closed) Tuesday-Sunday (1:00PM-10:00PM)

House of Random was established to bring the best tasting, creamiest ice cream to central Valley. Every scoop of our ice cream is made to order and frozen right in front of the customer using liquid nitrogen.

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