Feds’ Boogaloo Indictment Details Inside of Northern California Extremist Group

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TURLOCK (CBS13) – A Turlock man is accused of founding a militia-style group connected to the killing of two officers in 2020.

The so-called “California Grizzly Scouts” was part of the “Boogaloo” movement based in Northern California. Newly unsealed court documents take us inside a radical organization, one that trained for combat, and ultimately led to the alleged killing of two officers.

Hawaiian shirts and heavy tactical gear are the signature uniforms of so-called “Boogaloo” groups. They are an anti-government and anti-law enforcement movement. A Northern California Boogaloo group is tied to the shootings of a federal officer and a sheriff deputy over a one-week span in 2020.

Former Travis Air Force Base airman Steven Carillo is charged with the killings.

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