Warp co-founders Daniel Sokolovsky and Troy Lester (Photo: Warp)

AxleHire founder sets sights on LTL with new company, seed funding

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Daniel Sokolovsky has a Forrest Gump-like penchant for being wherever the action is in the world of delivery. In 2013, around the time of the rise of food delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash, Sokolovsky was heading up his own food delivery business, Berkeley Delivers, near his alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley.

Then, in 2015, he founded AxleHire, a company that would soon go toe-to-toe with one of delivery’s most influential and massive players. The company’s proprietary software helps clients create digital fleets of drivers and vehicles for use in their delivery operations.

“I spent like six to seven years proving a concept that at the time was only familiar to Amazon, you know? We were offering next-day delivery, we were offering same-day delivery,” Sokolovsky told Modern Shipper. “I ended up luckily foreseeing a few years ahead of time that this same-day, next-day, basically super quick e-commerce delivery would boom like crazy.”

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