25 California Wellness Getaways For Mother’s Day And Beyond

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With the pandemic putting a hamper on travel plans, the last two Mother’s Days have been limited to your typical bouquet of flowers and celebrating at home. While the world has gradually reopened, Americans are still reporting high levels of stress—meaning it’s never been a better time to treat yourself and mom to a vacation. Better yet, why not make it one that specifically targets your health, whether that be through rejuvenating spa experiences, vegetable-forward cuisine or spiritual wellness.

With its diversity of outdoor wonders, fresh produce and some of the oldest destination spas in the country, California is a no-brainer for wellness-seekers. Whether you’re a Californian craving a pampering staycation or healthy Mother’s Day brunch, or from out-of-state and looking for a relaxing wellness getaway, these California hotels have you covered.

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