The 9 Best Cities to Visit in California

Home to some of the most beautiful cities in the USA, it is no wonder that so many of us are left California dreaming of a trip to America’s iconic Golden State. From San Francisco to Santa Barbara, the state is full of buzzing pockets of paradise that deliver the excitement of city life alongside… Keep Reading

Researchers look at how biofilters can protect waterways

LOS ANGELES — Onja Davidson Raoelison, a doctoral candidate in environmental engineering at UCLA, has been working to keep waterways safe. Her research and studies focus on green infrastructure and how wildfires impact water systems. “I think we all hear about air quality all the time,” she said. “Even at UCLA, we receive a lot… Keep Reading

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‘Wild Ride’ returns to Murphys

Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride will once again see cyclists taking scenic rides around the town of Murphys on May 7. This year’s event features three all-new bicycle rides that will take participants through some of the most beautiful countryside in Northern California at one of the most beautiful times of the year. Late rains have… Keep Reading

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