Walk for Apraxia in Modesto raises money to help children with speech disorder

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A walk in the park to help kids talk.

On Sept. 28, Walk for Apraxia is having its second annual local event in La Loma Park in Modesto. All ages are welcome.

“I’m involved because I’m a parent of a child with childhood apraxia,” said Janell Konefat, organizer of the Modesto walk. Her son, Antony Konefat, was diagnosed at age 3 and has been receiving speech therapy since then. He is now 6 and his speech has improved from about 30% to 75% understandable.

Konefat attributes her son’s improvement to the help he received from the nonprofit organization, Apraxia Kids. Antony received an iPad with a special program to help him communicate, in addition to therapy from a speech therapist in Turlock.

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