Turlock resident makes impact with healthy drinks

in business

Just over a year ago, Turlock resident Jessica Lozano opened Impact Nutrition 91 with a goal of sharing her passion for health and fitness with the rest of the community. Today, that hope has grown into a loyal customer base whose bodies — and taste buds — benefit from the shop’s variety of healthy treats and drinks on the daily.

Impact Nutrition 91 opened its doors last June and was inspired by Lozano’s commitment to her own wellbeing, which saw her lose 30 pounds by swapping out milkshakes for protein shakes. She wanted to add to Turlock’s list of healthy options and give others the opportunity to change their lives as well, she said.

“I’ve gained so much more energy by staying active and healthy, and I wanted our community to have more choices. Instead of a smoothie that contains a lot of sugar, they can maybe replace that with something healthier with more protein, more calcium and more things that their body actually needs instead of what it craves,” Lozano said.

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