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Volunteers Help Keep Stanislaus River Clean

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A day at one of Stanislaus County’s rivers or parks has become a popular way for Valley residents to escape the exhaustion of the virtual world, but with the large amount of new visitors, there are large amounts of new pollution being left behind. This trash often consists of old fishing gear and bait containers, empty alcohol containers, and strangely enough clothes either left behind or forgotten. 

Littering is harmful to the people who use the river, the wildlife inhabiting the river, and powerfully deters tourism, which companies like Sunshine Rafting rely on each year. Stanislaus County provides tools on how to limit your own waste, and provides useful information on some of the repercussions we are forced to deal with as a result of some people’s laziness. 

However, littering is still happening, and it won't be the squirrels who will end up having to clean up after people who can’t be helped to take their trash with them. Unbeknownst to most, there are individuals protecting these local getaways from the injustices of pollution caused by litterbugs.

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Grant funding to financially support undergrad volunteers

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Students attending the Valley’s two public universities will now be able to earn money for college by giving back to their communities through a new pilot initiative.

Stanislaus State and University of California, Merced, are two of eight colleges to take part in the Civic Action Fellowship — grant funding unveiled by California Volunteers on Monday that allows students to sign up as Americorps Fellows and commit to community service tailored toward their curriculum. The first-in-the-nation program utilizes a combination of federal and state funding and will award students up to $10,000 to put toward their education in exchange for one semester working with a local nonprofit or government office.

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