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UC System Takes Another Step Toward Keeping Students Debt-Free

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The University of California is vowing to offer its California undergraduates a debt-free college experience by 2030 as part of an overhaul of how the system views college affordability.

To get there, the system of 230,000 students seeking bachelor’s degrees is relying on a mix of state and federal support, revenues from recent tuition increases, and students working part-time to cover the full cost of an education. Students from wealthier households would also rely on parental support.

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Program offers college students $10,000 to volunteer in their community

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Students at 45 colleges and universities, that include Stanislaus State and UC Merced, will be able to earn $10,000 toward their degrees by volunteering for the new Californians For All College Corps program. 

The first volunteer program of its kind in the country will be available to 6,500 students at a variety of schools, including University of California, California State University and California Community College campuses, as well as a handful of private schools.

The idea behind the initiative is that in exchange for volunteering in their communities at places like schools, food banks and community gardens, students can make a difference and earn money.

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Proposed legislation would increase state financial aid for California private college students

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A pending California Senate bill would increase the amount of state financial aid available to California residents studying at the 5Cs and other private colleges, though the amount of aid students receive may not change at institutions that already meet one hundred percent of financial need.

California’s A and B “Cal Grants” are the state’s main form of financial aid to low- and middle-income students, offering competitive grants to students at community colleges, state schools (the California State University system and the University of California system) and private schools that meet student loan default rate and graduation rate requirements.

The Cal Grant A helps pay for tuition and fees for educational programs that are at least two academic years long, while the Cal Grant B acts as a living and education-related expenses stipend for educational programs at least one year long.

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Stan State Offering In-House Scholarships for New Academic Year

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The Financial Aid Office is located on the first floor of the Mary Stuart Rogers (MSR) building. (Signal Photo/Morley Brown)

Stanislaus State is continuing to offer scholarships to help students with college costs, with a March 2 deadline fast approaching. The scholarships cover the 2022-2023 academic year and are catered to student’s majors, but low student turn-out may be affecting the amount of awards that will be granted to applicants.

In comparison to previous years, there has been a lower turnout of students applying. According to the Stan State Financial Aid Office, each scholarship has a certain number of students that can be awarded. If there are less eligible students that have applied, the scholarship can extend its deadline. However, “if there aren’t enough students, the money doesn’t go out.”

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