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The 5-Planet Alignment Is Here — These Are the Best Places in California to See It

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The entire month of June brings an astronomical wonder to behold. For the first time in 18 years, five planets — Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury — will be aligned in the night sky and visible to the naked eye. Mark your calendars for June 24, when the view is expected to be exceptional: Stargazers who wake up wicked early (30 minutes before sunrise) should be able to see a beautiful, waning crescent moon between Venus and Mars. The best place to enjoy this cosmic happening is far from artificial light pollution, where inky skies make the planets incredibly vivid. 

We’ve found eight dark corners of California ideal for soaking up this otherworldly display. We don’t think there’s a better excuse for a summer road trip. That’s why we’ve also included places to stay — from rustic campgrounds to charming resorts. 

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Here’s What to Know About SpaceX’s Friday the 13th California Launch

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A SpaceX rocket is schedule to soar over the California coast Friday afternoon.

The Falcon 9 rocket launch is scheduled for 3:07 p.m. from Vandenberg Space Force Base northwest of Santa Barbara. The rocket will carry 53 Starlink Internet satellites into low-Earth orbit.

In a tweet, SpaceX said weather conditions are 40-percent favorable for liftoff. Strong winds are expected Friday afternoon in parts of Southern California and Central Coast.

The first stage rocket booster will return to Earth and land on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship in the Pacific Ocean.

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