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Annual survey finds more homeless in Turlock, county

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As the Turlock City Council continues to debate the best way to spend funding to address the homeless crisis, the annual point-in-time survey results were released finding an increase in homeless individuals living in Turlock, as well as an increase throughout Stanislaus County as a whole.

Every winter the Stanislaus Community System of Care conducts a point-in-time count one day in January where volunteers scour the county taking a physical census of the number of homeless individuals in each city and surrounding areas.

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Homeless Count Released For Point-In-Time Effort

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The Stanislaus Community System of Care (CSOC) has released its 2023 Point-In-Time (PIT) homeless count, identifying 2,091 homeless persons in Stanislaus County, an increase of 234 people from last year’s total count. The results were released on Friday, May 19.

“Homelessness affects all of us. The PIT Count is an important resource to gauge how many people are experiencing homelessness in our communities,” said Emily Webster, Vice-Chair of CSOC. “The information helps us develop support services and housing to help this population.”

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Council approves container home project for homeless

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Turlock could soon be home to a new transitional housing project for homeless families, homeless veterans and senior citizens, following action by the Turlock City Council on Tuesday.

“It’s a difficult issue to deal with,” said Turlock City Manager Reagan Wilson about the City’s homelessness issue. “Just from a statistically perspective, in the last (homeless) Point-In-Time Count I think there were 221 homeless persons counted in the city of Turlock…Turlock actually has 129 overnight shelter beds between the Turlock Gospel Mission and the We Care program — the gospel mission has 80 and We Care has 49.

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What if the homeless won’t accept help? | Opinion

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Homeless or helpless?

Re “It’s high time to end Modesto’s intractable homelessness problem” (Page 1C, March 12): I thank Mr. Jamieson for his opinion. I found it to be truthful, honest and needed to be said. Being from Turlock, I wish the City Council and police, who have been doing more lately, would read it and consider some additional ideas.hrlp

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Homeless — where your money goes Part V: The high costs of extravagant cruelty

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As California politicians declare their commitment to dealing with homelessness, they should also acknowledge that it originates in the state’s chronic shortage of housing that shows no signs of abating. Dan Walters, 23 January, 2023

According to Lauren Lowry, Director for Housing and Community Development at the National League of Cities, “chronic homelessness costs the public roughly $30,000 to $50,000 per unhoused individual each year.”

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Stanislaus is getting housing for homeless people struggling with mental illness

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Stanislaus County supervisors approved a funding agreement Tuesday to provide 38 permanent supportive housing units for people struggling with mental illness, substance use and homelessness.

The project, estimated at $10.8 million, is inspired by the “Housing First” concept that stable housing is essential before people can be treated effectively for mental illness or substance use disorder.

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A group of strangers helped count Modesto’s homeless. Here’s what it found

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Four strangers hopped into a silver Chevy Trailblazer at 8 a.m. Thursday and headed west. Their destination was a strip mall off North Carpenter Road and Highway 132.

Tiffany Ornells sat shotgun, wearing a blue coat, gloves and sunglasses. She was ready to spend hours walking in the cold. Sitting in the back seats, Matt Orante and Linnea Worthy bonded over their dogs.

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Modesto-area homeless count needs 250 volunteers to help with next one in late January

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Organizers of the annual count of homeless people in Stanislaus County and its nine cities are looking for 250 volunteers to help with the latest effort, which takes place Jan. 26.

Volunteers will undergo training and work with members of the county’s homeless outreach and engagement team in having homeless people complete surveys. Volunteers also will hand care packages to the people they survey.

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His Way Recovery House may operate homeless shelter

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His Way Recovery House — a nonprofit with a successful history in Manteca of helping people deal with substance abuse — is poised to take over the city’s emergency homeless shelter on Sept. 1.

The City Council when they meet Monday, Aug. 29, at 5 p.m. is being asked to approve a $777,616 agreement for His Way Recovery to operate the shelter through June 30, 2023.

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Watchdog wants more accountability in Modesto-area efforts to reduce homelessness

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While commending the efforts of government and others in Stanislaus County to take on the complex and challenging problem of homelessness, a government watchdog says despite spending huge amounts of money, homelessness continues to grow.

The Stanislaus County Civil Grand Jury also reports that it is hard to evaluate the coordination, effectiveness and accountability of these efforts because they are fragmented and there is not enough accountability in how effectively the money is being spent.

The grand jury’s investigation of the efforts to reduce homelessness are detailed in its 2021-22 report.

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