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This Is California’s Best Breakfast Restaurant

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Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, regardless of the time you choose to eat it. If you prefer to start your day sunny-side up, than look no further than this state-wide breakfast staple. The best breakfast restaurant in the entire state serves meals that will not only kick start your day, but healthy plates that you can enjoy with friends. How can you go wrong with a hearty stack of waffles topped with butter and fruit, or a tall glass of freshly pressed juice? This restaurant offers those options, and many more!

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3 Great Pizza Places in California

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If you live in California or you travel to California often and you are looking for new places where you can enjoy a tasty pizza, then you have come to the right place because that's what this article is all about - three amazing pizza spots in California that you should definitely visit if you are a pizza lover. All of these places use high-quality ingredients, have amazing service, an even better atmosphere, and affordable prices for the delicious food they are serving. Do you need any more reasons to pay them a visit if you haven't already? Probably not, so here is the list of three amazing pizza spots in California that you should definitely visit if you love eating good food in a nice company.

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Hilmar Cheese inviting community to make their own ice cream

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're looking for a fun activity with the kids before they head back to school, Hilmar Cheese has a "cool" idea.

The local cheese maker is inviting visitors to make their own ice cream.

The activity will start at 11 am Monday through Friday at the company visitor center on North Lander in Hilmar.

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THE DISH: Treat yourself to celebrate food holidays

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Sunday is National Ice Cream Day and, like all food holidays, it's a great time to discuss some preferences.

We have the favorite flavors for California (and the nation) thanks to the Ice Cream Index, a study on U.S. consumption preferences and trends conducted by market research Top Data.

Consumption is up — not surprising given our sustained interest in comfort food — 29% from last year, with the biggest gains in June and July.

The top three flavors in the nation this year are chocolate, rocky road and Neapolitan. For California, the top five varieties are rocky road, Neapolitan, green tea, coffee and coconut.

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Mac and cheese tacos, other comfort foods coming to Turlock with new national chain

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Do you love macaroni and cheese? Stupid question, let me rephrase that. How much do you love mac and cheese?

So much that you’d eat it in a sandwich? Or maybe in a taco?

Because both those versions, plus a variety of regular mac and cheese bowls and other cheesy comfort food offerings, will be served at the new and aptly named I Heart Mac & Cheese. The national chain is coming to Turlock to open its first location in the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

Based in Florida, the franchise has expanded in recent years. Now it has a location planned along West Monte Vista Avenue, across Crowell Road from Stanislaus State University. The new restaurant will go between the existing Domino’s Pizza and Sourdough & Co. in the Warrior Crossing retail strip shared with Dutch Bros Coffee. The company also has locations under development in Fresno and Sacramento.

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Cheesecake business booms in first weeks of operation

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Three weeks ago, Turlock’s Jessica Hostetter took her baking skills and love of cheesecake to officially launch her new business, Sweet Cheeks Cheesecakes. While the business is still new, she is already busy fulfilling orders from multiple customers.

Hostetter began baking three years ago and explained why she chose to focus on the cheesecakes over any other type of baked good.

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California’s ‘most loved all star’ restaurants on DoorDash

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SAN DIEGO — It’s a good day for California residents who like to get food delivered!

On Monday, DoorDash released its list of the “Most Loved All Star” restaurants in the U.S., which included 31 restaurants and eateries located in The Golden State.

“For restaurants, creating a top-notch customer experience is no small feat — it’s not just about food quality, it’s also about service, reliability, and the overall experience. The Most Loved program recognizes restaurants that excel in all of these areas,” DoorDash says on its website.

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This Is The Most Beautiful Restaurant In California

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It is only customary for the most beautiful restaurant in all of California to feature some of the most beautiful beach views, and; you can't get much closer to the ocean than this.

According to a list put together by Trips To Discover, the most beautiful restaurant in all of California is The Marine Room located in La Jolla. The Marine Room is for lovers. The whole restaurant gives off a romantic aura and provides top-notch ocean views from every angle. The restaurant was built right on the sand, and the seafood is extremely fresh. If you are planning your next date night at The Marine Room, be sure to wear your best attire.

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The California Chefs Showcasing the Diversity of Native American Cuisine

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BISON MEATBALLS BATHED IN BLUEBERRY sauce. Roasted fiddlehead ferns. Acorn crêpes topped with maple cream. These are just a few examples of what Indigenous chefs are serving at restaurants across California. Three spots in particular are dedicated to championing Native foods and culture in the state. Their chefs cite the same formative experience: growing up wondering why every other culture had a restaurant featuring its cuisine, but seeing none that reflected their own Native foodways.

Cafe Ohlone, the first Indigenous restaurant in California, opened in 2018 on the back patio of a Berkeley bookstore. Founders Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino rooted their restaurant in the cuisine and traditions of their Ohlone people and their ancestral homeland of Northern California. But despite accolades for their meals of locally gathered ingredients, the pandemic forced the closure of their cozy pop-up spot in 2020.

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Uber Eats launches pilot autonomous food delivery services in California

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US-based online ordering and delivery firm Uber Eats, part of Uber Technologies, has rolled out pilot autonomous food delivery services in two California cities, namely Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

These pilots have been launched in collaboration with startups Motional and Serve Robotics, reported Reuters.

Motional is an autonomous vehicle joint venture firm of Hyundai Motor and Aptiv.

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