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Proposed legislation would increase state financial aid for California private college students

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A pending California Senate bill would increase the amount of state financial aid available to California residents studying at the 5Cs and other private colleges, though the amount of aid students receive may not change at institutions that already meet one hundred percent of financial need.

California’s A and B “Cal Grants” are the state’s main form of financial aid to low- and middle-income students, offering competitive grants to students at community colleges, state schools (the California State University system and the University of California system) and private schools that meet student loan default rate and graduation rate requirements.

The Cal Grant A helps pay for tuition and fees for educational programs that are at least two academic years long, while the Cal Grant B acts as a living and education-related expenses stipend for educational programs at least one year long.

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Guaranteed income update – $500 in free cash to be handed out each month to 15,000 Americans

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THOUSANDS of Americans are set to receive $500 each month thanks to a new revamped California proposal.

A statewide initiative aims to put free money into the hands of 15,000 needy high school seniors in the state.

While the proposal's original goal was to provide the money to a group of state students in Fresno, now it will apply to high school seniors across California classified as homeless.

The proposal is commonly known as the California Success, Opportunity, and Academic Resilience (SOAR) Guaranteed Income Program. If passed, it would take effect next year.

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