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3 Earth-Friendly Tactics for Every Small Business

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Living in California, it's hard to ignore the impact humans have on the natural world. Between drought, wildfires, and the underlying threat of climate change that feeds these disasters, I'm constantly reminded of what's at stake if we don't all make a concerted effort to protect our planet.

Thankfully, there's a growing awareness in the business world that companies need to step up their commitments to eco-friendliness -- and that includes small businesses. A recent survey found that a majority of entrepreneurs around the world are willing to turn down an investor with a poor track record on sustainability. In theory, that kind of commitment is great, but how do those good intentions translate into everyday business practices?

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Yelp: California ranked 2nd most eco-friendly state

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CALIFORNIA – California is one of the most eco-friendly states to live and work in, according to Yelp.

While “The Golden State” may not have taken the number one spot, California did come in as the second-most eco-friendly place in the United States.

So, who took the top spot?

Yelp says that Oregon’s “sustainability mentions in professional, home and local services, as well as restaurants and food categories” all helped to give the state the highest ranking. California’s heavy emphasis on electric vehicles is what pushed it into the top two, the review site stated.

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