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Food waste can bring pests to your Modesto home. Keep your bin clean with these tips

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Now that Modesto residents are versed in recycling their food waste, it’s time to talk dirty.

Food waste can attract pests and create odors close to your home, and maintaining a clean bin can help reduce them.

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Amazon Warriors give back

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Employee veterans group cleans up Castle Air Museum

The Amazon distribution facility in Turlock is not yet open for business, but that hasn’t stopped its team members from already making an impact in the community.

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Beautification Committee, others join in park clean-up

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Approximately 40 community members, including scouts, Army recruiters, citizens and city officials and workers reported for a two-hour Saturday work detail in Smyrna Park to pick up trash. They’re hoping the community takes notice and does its part by picking up trash throughout Ceres.

The event was organized by the city’s Ceres Beautification Committee which began in 2019 as a think tank for ways to reduce blight and improve aesthetics. After months of talking and coming up with ideas, the group decided to roll up their sleeves and pick up trash to draw attention to the problem of blight.

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