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Ceres bans homeless camps near ‘critical infrastructure.’ What is City Council’s next step?

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Starting in mid-January, Ceres will ban camping and the storing of personal property within 25 feet of what it deems critical infrastructure, joining other cities that have passed similar ordinances in response to the homelessness crisis.

The question the City Council still has to answer is what constitutes critical infrastructure.

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‘It’s almost a joke.’ In rural California, Newsom’s gas-powered car ban is a stretch

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It’s a long drive to just about anywhere Gary Wright needs to go. A rancher in the far northeastern corner of California, he sometimes has to drive nearly 100 miles, one-way, to get to where his cattle graze. It’s 36 miles to Klamath Falls, Ore., for a significant errand run.

There are only a few gas stations along the routes through the forests and high deserts in Modoc County — let alone electric vehicle charging stations. There are none near the rangeland where Wright’s cattle graze.

So he was baffled when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced last week that California would require all new passenger cars and trucks to be electric or “zero-emission” by 2035 to combat climate change.

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