Pasta 209 delivering authentic Italian fare

in business

NEWMAN - When the coronavirus pandemic shut down his court reporter agency almost overnight earlier this year, Newman resident Jason Buktenica parlayed his passion for food - authentic Italian dishes, in particular - into his new livelihood.

Buktenica, who goes by “Chef Buck,” rolled out Pasta 209 in July to offer home delivery of freshly-cooked traditional Italian dishes.

The response to the delivery-only concept has been so encouraging, said Buktenica, that he is actively looking to open a storefront and has scouted out a potential location in Gustine.

Pasta 209 serves up a variety of Italian fare, freshly prepared from scratch in a shared commercial kitchen in Turlock and delivered weekdays to the doorsteps of patrons in Gustine, Newman, Patterson, Crows Landing, Stevinson and the surrounding areas just in time for dinner.

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