No face covering or mask? You could be fined in these California cities.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on wearing face masks, several cities in California are changing their protocol for essential businesses.

Some cities have even required anyone who leaves their home to wear a face-covering or risk a fine.

At the same time, other counties like San Diego have taken a more hands-off approach by allowing businesses to decide whether to deny entry to people who are not wearing face coverings.

On top of concern over reusable bags and transmission of COVID-19, businesses themselves have started to require face coverings for shoppers as well.

This is in addition to previous regulation on workers wearing face masks. Now, businesses may start to turn away those who do not have a face covering.

Nugget Markets, operating within the greater Sacramento metropolitan area and headquartered in Woodland, has begun to do just that. All stores will now require customers to wear a face mask or covering in order to shop.

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