New mobile business offers two sweet treats

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Most people with a sweet tooth love edible cookie dough and shaved ice, but what if they were both available at one convenient location? Thanks to one Turlock family, that fantasy is now a reality through their new mobile business Snow and Dough.

Billy Foley, his wife Marissa and their daughters, Madison and Lexi, were constantly traveling the country before the coronavirus pandemic hit as the two girls participated in beauty pageants. This gave them the chance to experience a variety of different treats in various states, but it was the edible cookie dough in Nashville and authentic shaved ice in Maui that left a lasting impression on the group.

After a year of ups and downs – and a novel virus that stopped the world — Snow and Dough opened up shop about a month ago, with the Foleys serving up soft cookie dough and refreshing shaved ice from a portable trailer.
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