Innovative Projects Key to Water Conservation at Stan State

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Water reclamation is vital to Stan State’s mission of sustainability. Essentially, the way the campus is heated, cooled, irrigated and powered depends almost entirely on water.

Situated behind Bizzini Hall and next to Village Lake is the Central Plant, the heart of the water reclamation system on campus. Nestled within the plant lies an essential piece of the university’s water puzzle, a computer panel that tracks every move the reclamation system makes in real time.

Keeping an eye on the system, which is connected to multiple buildings all around campus, is one of Louie Oliveira’s jobs. As manager and chief engineer for Capital Planning and Facilities Maintenance (CPFM), he’s got a computer monitor in his office to keep tabs on the system and is alerted via an app on his phone if anything ever goes wrong, even if it’s the middle of the night.  

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