Court rejects California cities’ brief

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Turlock and other cities across the nation’s hands have been effectively tied in how to deal with the homeless by the United States Supreme Court.

The high court refused to review a 9th District decision that makes it harder for cities to keep homeless people from sleeping on the streets.

Twenty California cities filed “friends of the court” briefs in a bid to get the Supreme Court to consider hearing an appeal on the 9th District Appellate Court ruling regarding Boise, Idaho law that made it illegal for the homeless to sleep on the street.

The court ruled that Boise could not constitutionally make it a crime for the homeless to sleep on the streets or in public places if there is no shelter available for the homeless.

“It is disappointing that the Supreme Court will not grant a hearing on the 9th Circuits’ Boise decision,” said Turlock Police Captain Steven Williams.

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