Big changes for Turlock in final redistricting maps

in Government

The state’s independent redistricting commission unanimously approved its final maps Monday night, setting in stone the brand-new districts California voters will use to elect legislators at the state and Congressional level in 2022. 

Redistricting takes place every 10 years following the census, and the new boundary lines in California have been drawn by an independent, 14-member commission twice now since 2010. Commissioners must create new districts which contain an equal number of people while ensuring no minority votes are silenced in compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Act. This year, slower population growth in California meant the state lost one of its 53 U.S. House seats. 

The maps approved on Monday will go into effect for the June 2022 primary election, creating an environment political consultant Tim Rosales likened to “The Hunger Games” as new battlegrounds are created and politicians must decide where their allegiances lie. 

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