Aegis’s Mitchell Road opioid treatment clinic opens today

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Aegis Treatment Centers, the largest outpatient treatment provider in California for opioid addiction, will open its opioid treatment program today at 1768 Mitchell Avenue, Suite 301, in Ceres.

The Ceres center is Aegis’ 36th center in California and the second in Stanislaus County. Aegis treats almost 1,000 men and women daily at its nearby Modesto location.

Aegis is a methadone clinic where a person who is addicted to opioid-based drugs, such as heroin or prescription painkillers, can receive medication-based therapy and counseling. Patients receive methadone, or Dolophine, which is an opioid analgesic. Other drugs administered are buprenorphine under the brand of Subutex. This treatment is often referred to as replacement therapy.

When patients first come in, they meet with a doctor, said Rebecca Mitchell, Aegis regional clinic manager for North Central Valley, and be assessed medically as well as see a counselor. Doctors will prescribe medications and once stable and attending counseling and showing they are active in society, they can earn “take homes,” or medications they can take at home.

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