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Researchers look at how biofilters can protect waterways

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LOS ANGELES — Onja Davidson Raoelison, a doctoral candidate in environmental engineering at UCLA, has been working to keep waterways safe.

Her research and studies focus on green infrastructure and how wildfires impact water systems.

“I think we all hear about air quality all the time,” she said. “Even at UCLA, we receive a lot [of news] about the air quality being bad when you’re not supposed to go outside. I never knew that the impact of wildfires on water quality would be an issue and how it impacts aquatic ecosystems and human health.”

Raoelison was born in Madagascar, where water-borne diseases are common. They drove her passion for protecting rivers, lakes, groundwater and surface water.

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How the state’s new drought regulation will impact Stanislaus County waterways

in Local Roundup

A state board approved a drought regulation Tuesday that puts irrigation districts in Stanislaus County in a precarious position of trusting a state agency they have battled with in the recent past.

Faced with a worsening drought emergency, the State Water Resources Control Board will move ahead with curtailment orders to stop some diversions from rivers and deal with severe water shortages.

“It takes over local management of our (water storage) systems and asks local managers to trust the state water board to run their systems,” said Attorney Valerie Kincaid, representing the San Joaquin Tributaries Authority, which includes the Modesto, Turlock and Oakdale irrigation districts.

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