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Surface water plant operational by June 2023?

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Currently every drop of water that comes out of faucets in Ceres comes straight out of the ground. But come June 2023, some of that water will be directly piped from the Tuolumne River after it’s been treated.

Construction is about 25 percent completed and running $1 million under budget, a manager of the project told the Ceres City Council on Monday evening.

Bob Granberg, general manager of the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA), a joint powers authority to allow the cities of Ceres and Turlock to buy water from Turlock Irrigation District and operate the plant to treat and deliver water at cost, gave the update.

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Council OKs gap funding for water plant

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Sitting as the Ceres Financing Authority, members of the Ceres City Council last week unanimously approved the sale of $22 million in bonds to finance the surface water project as an interim measure.

The cities of Ceres and Turlock have formed a joint powers authority, called the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA), with the Turlock Irrigation District to build and run a plant to siphon water out of the Tuolumne River, filter it and pipe it to homes. The water will be stored in a large above ground tank at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park and comingled with groundwater.

The design-build contract awarded to CH2M Hill costs $195.4 million with total costs expected to reach $285 million. Each city’s share of the plant’s cost will be based on how much water is being used. Turlock will receive 10 million gallons of water per day and Ceres will receive 5 million gallons per day. The Ceres City Council approved a five-year series of rate increases on water service to help pay off Ceres’ share of $89 million.

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City Council OKs bonds for interim funding of surface water plant

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The Ceres City Council approved a resolution last week which gets the ball rolling on issuing bonds to help finance the surface water plant jointly built between the cities of Ceres and Turlock.

Both cities are members of a joint powers authority under the name of the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA). In June the JPA Authority awarded a $195.4 million design-build contract for the design and construction of the plant to CH2M Hill. The firm will complete the raw water pump station, design and construct raw and finished water pipelines and a 15 million gallon per day water treatment plant (WTP). The project costs will be funded by both cities and Turlock Irrigation District.

The project is expected to be completed in August 2023.

The SRWA agrees to deliver 15 million gallons of treated water per day with 5 MGD being supplied to Ceres and 10 MGD supplied to Turlock. The water will be comingled with ground water.

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Turlock won’t bail on Ceres & joint surface water plant

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Ceres’ partner in a planned surface water treatment plant project – the city of Turlock – decided last week to remain with the project.

The Turlock City Council was entertaining thoughts of backing out of the project, which would have left only Ceres undertaking the project to deliver treated Tuolumne River water to homes. Last week the council voted unanimously to proceed with the project.

The two cities form the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA) which is expected to award a design-build contract to CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc. this month. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2021 with operations starting June 2023.

Currently, 100 percent of the drinking water supply in Ceres and Turlock comes from groundwater. However, the drinking water supply is declining, contaminant levels are increasing and groundwater quality regulations have become more stringent.

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