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Researchers develop COVID-19 study you can participate in from home

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Even from home, there are ways to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The University of California San Francisco has developed a new “COVID-19 Citizen Scientist” study.

“We would love to be able to identify the risk factors that tend to be directly under the control of the individual that can meaningfully affect infection rates,” Greg Marcus, professor of Medicine at University of California San Francisco, said.

Marcus is also a co-leader of the study that’s focused on looking at risk factors for COVID-19 infection.

The research study is purely online, and anyone can participate.

"Well, I thought anything I can do. I’m sitting here in my house, I’m making masks, and I thought, you know, that would be fun,” said Marta Kyte from Turlock, California.

The app is giving people a way to help out in the study from their own homes by becoming a citizen scientist.

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