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Reducing Dust During Almond Harvest—A Big Goal of the Industry

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Brian Wahlbrink is with Sperry Farms in Stanislaus County and Vice Chairman of the Almond Board as well as being the chair of the Almond Board’s Harvest Working Group—focused on reducing dust.

“This is the real gritty and dirty group, who gets the pleasure of focusing on the major goal of trying to reduce harvest dust by 50% by 2025. But I think we've already learned that progress is never a straight line,” said Wahlbrink. “You know, when it comes to these initiatives, I've loved being involved with this group. It's such a diverse group. We have such an exciting future. We have growers, handlers, researchers, and there's eight orchard equipment companies on this group. It's remarkable,” he said.

“We had eight competing companies come into this room and talk about the betterment of the industry. It's really amazing. And I so appreciate everybody doing that. And we have so much participation. You know, this year, the main focus was the existing equipment. We were talking about conditioners. We were talking about the Low-dust harvesters,” noted Wahlbrink.

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Stanislaus farm income in 2019 was solid though not spectacular.

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Stanislaus County on Tuesday reported about $3.6 billion in gross farm income last year, up slightly from 2018.

The report is a reminder of agriculture’s strength amid a COVID-19 pandemic that has made a mess of the 2020 economy in general.

Almonds once again were the top-grossing farm product in 2019, followed by milk, chickens, cattle and nurseries that grow fruit and nut trees.

Milton O’Haire, the county agricultural commissioner, unveiled the report at the morning meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

He stressed, as usual, that the document does not account for farm production costs, and thus for profit or loss.

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