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Paul’s Glass Co. completes life-saving request

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Paul’s Glass Co. in Turlock is well-versed in handling all of the community’s window needs, but recently the company was called upon to help fight COVID-19.

Last week, Emanuel Medical Center reached out to Patrick Jensen of Paul’s Glass Co. to order some Plexiglas. When he asked what the product would be used for, hospital personnel described the box-shaped protective covers they were trying to make. Similar devices are currently being used by healthcare workers throughout the world in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they explained, and could be vital to protecting physicians at the hospital from the incredibly infectious disease.

Jensen knew what a complicated project it would be and offered his help.

“I know what goes into building boxes with Plexiglas, and it’s a big old pain in the butt,” Jensen said. “They shot us some pictures with the dimensions and we just built them cold turkey.”

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