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Borgeas: What We’ve Learned About the Pandemic Response

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We Must Do Better If We Are to End the Pandemic

In addition to the recommendations above, local authorities should do everything in their power to allow businesses to expand their operations to outdoor or alternative facilities and remove any local regulatory impediments. While the hot summer is not ideal for outdoor operations, cities like Turlock, Clovis, and Fresno are implementing these types of measures to protect the public and keep our local businesses operating.

Finally, there must be a coordinated state and national procurement strategy for personal protective equipment, trained medical personnel, and medical supplies so states and municipalities are not competing against one another in future emergencies. Improving vertical integration between federal, state, and local authorities is essential to protecting our economy, security, and public health. As a member of the Senate’s Pandemic Emergency Response Committee, I will continue to make these and other recommendations to the governor and Legislature.

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