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Moderna announces step toward updating COVID shots for fall

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Moderna hopes to offer updated COVID-19 boosters in the fall that combine its original vaccine with protection against the omicron variant. On Tuesday, it reported a preliminary hint that such an approach might work.

Today's COVID-19 vaccines all are based on the original version of the coronavirus. But the virus continues to mutate, with the super-contagious omicron variant - and its siblings - the latest threat.

Before omicron came along, Moderna was studying a combination shot that added protection against an earlier variant named beta. Tuesday, the company said people given that beta-original vaccine combination produced more antibodies capable of fighting several variants - including omicron - than today's regular booster triggers.

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Stanislaus County ‘out of vaccine’ due to Moderna pause, temporarily closing clinics

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MODESTO, Calif. — Stanislaus County’s vaccine rollout hit a snag on Monday after the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recommended a pause for a certain batch of Moderna vaccines.

The specific lot on pause had registered a “higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions” at one California vaccination clinic, according to a news release.

Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, head for Stanislaus County’s Office of Emergency Services, said they had about 1,400 vaccines available to give out on Monday, but the other 4,000 vaccines the county had were part of the paused batch.

As a result, the new clinic at Modesto Centre Plaza will be closed on Jan. 19, and the planned debut of the Stanislaus State University clinic was delayed.

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