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Turlock farmer and inventor using special technique to keep irrigation wells working

in Agriculture

Longtime local farmer Joe Sallaberry has overseen two of the well pumps in the region since 1970. But about three months ago, he got worried when he noticed several stopped supplying water.

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California company says electric, driverless tractor could help farmers save on costs

in Agriculture

One California farmer is growing green and going green with a new electric, self-driving tractor.

Monarch Tractor, the creator of an electric self-driving tractor, has been testing the vehicles in two California wineries since 2020, including the one owned by fifth-generation winegrower Karl Wente.

Mr. Wente told Fox Business that “It’s sustainability in action and its evolution of the human species. It used to be, a big tractor where you can see the diesel combusting out, and now you just have this quiet electric vehicle running through.”

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California grape volumes heading toward peak supplies

in Agriculture

California grapes are in the early stages of San Joaquin Valley production and building steadily. “We’re not very far off from reaching peak supplies. We’re not quite there yet but it’s going to happen really fast. Supplies look really strong this year,” says Jim Beagle of Grapery, noting there’s a slightly later start to the season. The overall volume looks similar to last year.

The season is predicted to have steady supplies of good quality fruit from now until January. “The crop size appears to be very similar to last year which was a great year for supplies. The quality looks very good this year,” says Beagle. “We have a long ways to go and many things could happen. But a high-quality crop in a good crop year is important. It gives consumers a good experience so people keep buying more. There’s a lot of optimism.”

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