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Stanislaus County recommends everyone wear masks indoors

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STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) – Stanislaus County health officials announced Monday they are recommending everyone wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status. 

The recommendation comes as the county reported an abrupt rise in cases.

Health officials attribute the increase to the more contagious Delta variant.

Sacramento County health officials issues a similar recommendation last week.

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Stanislaus faith leaders unite in call for masks to fight COVID

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To Our County Leaders and the Communities we Serve,

Over the last several weeks we have seen alarming increases in COVID-19 infection rates in the city of Modesto and Stanislaus County. As faith leaders, some of us have witnessed the effects of this virus on vulnerable persons in our congregations and many of us have been watching how this virus has spread and overwhelmed communities across the nation.

COVID-19 has caused so many disruptions in peoples’ lives, including mental, physical and financial stress. While we all look forward to a time when our congregations can come together again in person, we also understand the risk to the health and well-being of our communities. We cannot return to sustainable economic health if we neglect the health of the people who live in our county.

Many studies now show the effectiveness of wearing masks in partnership with physical distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, particularly as we now know that the virus can spread pre-symptomatically and asymptomatically; that a person can spread the virus without knowing they are infected.

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Dollar Tree won’t require shoppers to wear masks

in business

Saving money? Sure. Lives? No so much.

Dollar Tree, Inc., whose properties include Dollar Tree and Family Tree, has changed course on its face mask policy, by requesting that customers wear facial coverings to protect each other and store employees, but making it optional.

The discount chain’s recent reversal to store policy was noticed by USA Today, which recently cited a July 8 update to the company’s coronavirus updates page. Employees will still wear masks to protect customers.

Dollar Tree’s more highfalutin competitors, which include Walmart, Aldi and Target, are among the many retailers who require shoppers to wear face masks. The CDC and WHO maintain prevent the spread of the deadly virus that has killed 140,000 Americans.

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The Most Unselfish Thing You Can Do Is Wear a Mask

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My aunt was one of the thousands of Americans who's body couldn't fight COVID-19.  It all happened really fast, at first she just needed some breathing assistance with a BiPAP machine. Then before we realized it her health plummeted. My beloved cousins weren't able to be there with their mother as she took her last breath. My heart breaks for them.

Our whole family is mourning the loss of a beautiful soul. My siblings and I have struggled to come to terms that our sweet Hope is gone. Esperanza translated into English means hope, and the name fits her perfectly. When my mother was fighting cancer my aunt dropped everything and moved to Turlock to be with my mother. I will forever remember the sound of them laughing at the dinner table. Their bond was unbreakable. My aunt moved her whole life to bring hope to my mother and most importantly to be her sidekick in everything. I’d like to think my mother and her are laughing around a dinner table now. No more pain, they’re together again.

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State makes face coverings mandatory

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As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in the state and in the county, health officials are issuing new orders that mandate wearing face coverings when out in public.

The California Department of Public Health issued an order Thursday requiring all Californians to wear face coverings in all high-risk settings.

“Science shows that face coverings and masks work,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom. “They are critical to keeping those who are around you safe, keeping businesses open and restarting our economy.

“Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered – putting at risk the real progress we have made in fighting the disease," Newsom said. "California’s strategy to restart the economy and get people back to work will only be successful if people act safely and follow health recommendations. That means wearing a face covering, washing your hands and practicing physical distancing.”

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