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California’s Portuguese community keeps bullfighting alive without bloodshed

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TURLOCK, California — Just like any other Portuguese bullfight, the elegant rider deftly guides his horse around the charging bull’s horns, before bending down to plant a bandarilha in its spine.

Except that no blood is spilled — the small spear is velcro-padded, and sticks to a cushion attached to the bull’s back — and most of the spectators’ cheers are in English.

The scene takes place in Turlock, a small town in the heart of rural California, where tens of thousands of Portuguese-Americans have lived for decades, keeping the traditions of their ancestral homeland alive, not least bullfighting.

But due to Californian law, there can be no bloodshed. 

“The first time I came here in California, 15 years ago, it was like ‘woah, amazing’ because they have everything like Portugal,” said Joao Soller Garcia, a “cavaleiro” or horse rider, who travelled from Lisbon to take part in the bullfight.

“Go to a bullfight in Portugal and it’s the same thing,” he said shortly before entering the arena to be applauded by some 4,000 spectators.

The majority of the crowd are of Portuguese descent — mainly immigrants from the Azores Islands, who began to settle this agricultural area in the early 20th century.

The community has been growing ever since, with its own newspapers, radio stations and associations.

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10 best places to visit in California, from a longtime travel writer

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LOS ANGELES — What separates our favorite travel destinations from the rest? The way memories linger.

If you’re looking for a list — maybe you want to get a taste of California without involving the Hollywood sign — I’ve picked 10 places that resonate most deeply for me. This is the list that, after having covered California travel, nature and culture for more than 30 years, I find myself reciting most often.

I feel a certain depth in these places, and usually ease too, perhaps because nobody needs to sell them. You show up, take a deep breath, listen a little, have a look around, and you are reminded of what makes California unique.

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California Preservation Foundation hosting ‘Doors Open’ event

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The California Preservation Foundation will launch the first statewide Doors Open event in the country. Doors Open California is a two‐day celebration of architecture and culture featuring more than 70 on‐site tours and access to historic places across the state on Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and 12, 2022.

Bring your friends and family to as many of the independently operated sites as you can visit in one weekend, for a flat fee of $20 per person. Through an exclusive partnership with Doors Open, some participating area museums are opening their doors free for the public (no ticket needed).

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Portuguese Fest returns to Turlock fairgrounds

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All things Portuguese will be celebrated this weekend at the third annual San Joaquin Valley Portuguese Festival being held at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds.

“The celebration is open to everyone to come discover the culture and heritage of the Portuguese people and honor their contributions to the San Joaquin Valley and the state of California,” said Julio Valadez of the Carlos Vieira Foundation, one of the event’s sponsors. “This family-friendly event will showcase traditional Portuguese dancing, music and cuisine.”

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