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Moderna announces step toward updating COVID shots for fall

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Moderna hopes to offer updated COVID-19 boosters in the fall that combine its original vaccine with protection against the omicron variant. On Tuesday, it reported a preliminary hint that such an approach might work.

Today's COVID-19 vaccines all are based on the original version of the coronavirus. But the virus continues to mutate, with the super-contagious omicron variant - and its siblings - the latest threat.

Before omicron came along, Moderna was studying a combination shot that added protection against an earlier variant named beta. Tuesday, the company said people given that beta-original vaccine combination produced more antibodies capable of fighting several variants - including omicron - than today's regular booster triggers.

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Supervisors won’t require COVID vaccine passports for local services

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The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors last week took a stand against requiring proof of COVID vaccination to use county facilities or services, unanimously approving a resolution against what have become known as “vaccine passports.”

Supervisors resolved that residents “must have the opportunity to conduct everyday business and obtain local government services for their health, safety and wellbeing” and be able to do so “without revealing their vaccine status.”

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‘Religious’ exemptions add legal thorns to looming COVID vaccine mandates

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In Northern California, the pastor of a megachurch hands out religious exemption forms to the faithful. A New Mexico state senator will “help you articulate a religious exemption” by pointing to the decades-old use of aborted fetal cells in the development of some vaccines. And a Texas-based evangelist offers exemption letters to anyone — for a suggested “donation” starting at $25.

With workplace vaccine mandates in the offing, opponents are turning to a tried-and-true recourse for avoiding a covid-19 shot: the claim that vaccination interferes with religious beliefs.

No major denomination opposes vaccination. Even the Christian Science Church, whose adherents rely largely on prayer rather than medicine, does not impose an official policy. It counsels “respect for public health authorities and conscientious obedience to the laws of the land, including those requiring vaccination.”

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